The following "Technical Error" Fixes or "Simple Enhancements" were Applied.

These typically take 15 minutes or less each to correct.

2013-11-12: Added note at top of tables regarding automatic refresh.

2013-11-11: Fixed so that cancelled fam/grp registration releases myaid and aids variables.

2013-11-11: Now allows spouse email to be blank.

2013-11-11: Fixed so orders would not get attached to an admin record when assigning housing.

2013-10-31: Added feature that displays rooms on housing page even when room not owned by group/invoice

2013-10-31: Special RegType Message was incorrectly displaying on Family/Group Registration

2013-10-30: Added room counts to the housing block display.

2013-10-25: Fixed issue where was incorrectly asking for validation code for spouse.

2013-10-25: Was not pulling in custom messages to emails sent out.

2013-10-23: When cloning, set status to -1 to force "Fix" to site pick at top (forces review)

2013-10-22: Duplicate travel modules were being painted when translate was used.

2013-10-18: Pick a Site now includes old sites with status <= 0 (to show recently cloned)

2013-10-18: Clone new site was giving non-access error, this was fixed.

2013-10-15: Fixed so Childcare reg types brought up when editing a CT-999-kid record

2013-10-15: Now able to create note at same time as creating record via admin

2013-10-15: Fixed issue regarding new attendee record being attached to admin

2013-09-20: Fixed date invalid date range issue in housing.

2013-09-20: Added ability to look up at least the aID messages using the attendee listing action dropdown.

2013-09-05: Fixed issues with EFT not returning proper fields.

2013-09-04: Added ability for "school only" address field.

2013-09-04: Payment with non-dollar symbol ($) was not working.

2013-09-03: Added ability to do custom bulk email messages.

2013-09-03: Fixed issue where system would allow you to bypass failed password and still get protected code 

2013-08-30: Enhanced ability for track editing and creation in site set up.

2013-08-30: Corrected issue with error coming up if you had date wrong on site.

2013-08-28: Custom Message Now Allowed on Housing Page

2013-08-28: Got GBP and Euros working on end-user. Still need to get set up on admin side.

2013-08-09: Fixed issue where editing record when housing was set would wipe out roommates.

2013-08-09: Gave better clarification that group/family rooms is for 3 or more people

2013-08-07: Fixed the Housing View to NOT include cancelled rooms.

2013-07-15: Various things were fixed... sorry they were not logged while at Staff Training and Vacation

2013-07-14: Search for key word wasn't working for general search terms.

2013.07.12: Fixed so that doing refund with no method selected produces warning and  not bugger.

2013.07.12: Fixed issue where attempt to process zero payment was giving wrong messages.

2013.07.12: Issue with order number not being found on first attempt at doing housing without any kind of payment.

2013.07.11: Corrected Calculations for Multi-Invoice when more than one type was showing

2013.07.09: Gives better message on new end user site when payment types are not defined.

2013.07.09: Fixed so that missing product numbers give a little more helpful information.

2013.07.09: Fixed so that activated questionnaires with no questions don't give warning, rather just don't show items.

2013.07.09: Added line for Master Payment Record

2013.07.09: Roommate Finder with no checkboxes needed default.

2013.07.09: Room block was incorrectly adding departure day as a hotel night.

2013.07.08: Housing autofix addition was causing data validation permission denied. This was fixed.

2013.07.01: Added auto creation of menu item to housing builder.