As of June 19, 2013

The EventCORE development team has announced that the following are the next few items to be worked on.  This list comes from a combination of the "macro" list of items yet to be done from the Platform 2.0 Status Summary in the intre help center.  A larger task (which the status report contains) is broken down into these smaller tasks.  This is the "projected" order that they'll be worked on.  If you have a need for something else to be worked on first, please submit a support ticket.

The "macro" status items from the Platform 2.0 Status Summary

    1. Datadump of all information into single spreadsheet [73% done]
    2. Restrictive Views (Attendee only & Hotel Only) [50% done]
    3. Image/File Uploader working [20% done]
    4. End-User Housing Split Payment Processing [20% done]
    5. Ability to change the display order of individual registration types [45% done]

      Produces these current "micro" tasks in the queue:

      • End-user Split Payment Processing.
      • Convert enduser goods order to use g_pos (g_order) instead of g_unit (maintain current order on  unique items)
      • Fix so reg type display order can be changed on admin side.

      Recently Completed Tasks:

      • Add ability to select what type of confirmations go out to "start" page.. Done at 2:03pm, July 2nd
      • Inclusion of hotel data into datadump. Done at 1:14pm, July 2nd.
      • Added Room Types aspect to Housing Module. Done at 11:30pm, July 1st.
      • Get admin screen set up to record initial housing information. Done at 11:30am, June 27th.
      • Add ability to edit unique items on goods table. Done at 9:40am, June 25th.
      • Add the "pri" (private) items into the manual entry task queue. Done at 8:42am, June 21st.
      • Added feature for protected sites so that info items, logos and pills do not show until password is given. Done at 11:20pm, June 20th.
      • Added in auto inserts of default values instead of giving bugger messages. Done at 10:15pm, June 20th
      • Fixed issue regarding Error Message causing reload of wrong screen on admin payment posting. Done at 5:16pm, June 20th.
      • Restricted so that housing confirmation NOT SENT when admin processes payment (was causing error). Done at 4:55pm, June 20th
      • Change so that those with "View Only" access are able to only see limited attendee items such as: Basic Attendee Listing, Listing by Track, Listing by Groups, Questionnaires, Yet to Pay, Paid in Full Done at 10:33pm, June 19th
      • Change housing view so that it includes the guarantee status. Done at 11:57pm, June 19th
      • Add the Room Status into basic attendee listing Done at 10:47pm, June 19th

      For tasks complete earlier this month, click here.

      For a complete listing of the Platform 2.0 status, visit: